A Passerby.

I've been intending to share this piece of clothing with you since Chinese New Year earlier this year but I guess, time and travels got in the way of a proper post. Nonetheless, here it is- my first adult cheongsam top which I got my tailor to sew it up for me. 
About 2 years ago, I was walking along Bangsar and whilst crossing the road, a lady walked passed donning the most gorgeous cheongsam top paired with a denim? (it's all a blur now) but I remembered that 10seconds of pure "I-want-need-that-top"! She went into the car, zoomed away and never again did I see her. 

A year later, I bought some fabrics and decided I should have a piece of home for when I'm not able to go home to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Looking at it now, I should have picked another fabrication for easier ironing but mostly I should have listened to the tailor when she said I was being overly ambitious with the high collar! (because it is sure hard to eat with a neck brace! haha) 
Well...on the bright side, I'm still very pleased with my choice colours for this top. ^^

Oh! Wait till you see what I brought back with me this round.
Hint: Another cheongsam collar clothing! haha

:: BOWERHAUS customized bracelet / ZARA pants / ALDO nude pumps::

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