Jonny Dumpling.

When I was in Malaysia I will be craving for Korean food (day in and out) and i'll be driving an hour to Ampang's K-mart, stock up and drive back to make mandu, kimbabs, tteokbokki, the works... 
Now, I'm constantly on the lookout for good places for Thai/Chinese/Western food...hardly any Korean food cravings... -_-'' and the distance I'm willing to go to eat is so out of the way silly sometimes.
Human Nature?

Nonetheless, if you ever find yourself in my situation and on the streets of Itaewon having legit cravings for pan fried dumplings with spicy tofu rice...find Jonny Dumpling!

I brought John there and he agrees that it is GOOD- because you should know that the Chinese food here can sometimes taste exactly like Korean food, which only makes a craving worst.
Those are the top 3 dishes you should order.
1. Pan fried dumplings.
2. Spicy tofu rice.
3. Mussels with dumpling soup.

You can thank me later. ;)

There are 2 outlets in Itaewon alone, so whichever nearest to you will be getting your money and belly filled. 

Directions: Itaewon Station (Line 6, Exit 2 and Exit 4) - both the locations can be found here

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