Back and forth.

Sorry for the hiatus, I am and have been on an emotional roller coaster ride with the ever changing wave of surprises. 
A bright and my preferred one was when John woke me up and said, we head off tonight or early tomorrow for a vacation! It was so last minute but boy was it exciting looking back at how we spent the entire afternoon booking our flight, checking the weather and securing an accommodation (which turned out ggggreat) and continued till bed time packing our luggage and polishing up our itinerary. 

The next was being back to reality after some hundred hours of bliss and trying to finish off the new company's logo to being in a state of shock when I read about a passing of a friend from church who met an accident while he was on the way to pick up his friend to church that morning.... ㅠㅠ.

Next are house matters which I probably shouldn't complain about openly but seriously... sigh, what selfish person am I? :( 
There are also the big probability that I may not have my desired renovation works done because of funds and also the discouragement of some of my on going projects that have not yet bear fruit which poses the question- is this all a waste of time?

Location: Yehliu, Taiwan. 

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