While I was back in KL, Bakar was just opened and we hurriedly booked a dinner slot to celebrate our carebear's birthday! Gone are the days of Chilis and TGIF now that we all 25 and can drive further to wine and dine.  
Bakar is relatively smaller in space than I assumed it would be and they have 2 slots for dinner time which makes it a little harder to chat the night away as our space was only ours for 2 hours but knowing that Hit and Mrs bar is only next door... we left the chattering for later (with cocktails). 
The chicken is recommended (we ordered twice!), the lamb was a little tough and the fries so-so but their squid looks the prettiest and my seafood friends enjoyed it!

We had 5 cocktails to go around and this onde-onde cocktail rendition was indeed impressive- toasted coconut, pandan infused in rum, coconut liqueur, gula melaka and egg yolk! A fun pick if you are feeling nostalgic or have a weak spot for onde-onde, which I have been craving lately all the time.
Oh! how do you like my latest tailored cheongsam jumpsuit? Is pretty comfortable wearing a jumpsuit, until you get to the washroom that is...

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