5 things: Bridal shower gift ideas.

bridal shower

It's been awhile since I posted on "5 things" and with more friends getting hitched it's apt to touch on topics like this.

Read ahead and have your "what to get" sorted out before the next bridal shower ;)
Gone are the days of gifting the naughty stuff like a year worth of glow in the dark condoms or kinky uncomfotable lingeries to last a week... because let's be honest, they'll already know (...unless is a La Perla, then get a La Perla!)

I reckon it's better to lavish the bride with something she'll need before the big day or the couple with something they both will enjoy together or better- loooonger after they have tied the knot.

1. Luxury Staycation.
A staycation in the city like "Villa Samadhi" or a water villa at "The Banjaran" would make a great relaxing gift since the wedding prep might have them all drained out. This is particularly good if you know they are not going for a honeymoon right after their wedding.

2. Spas / Mani Pedi Session.
Spa/Mani Pedi session to pamper the bride before her big day or a royal couple massage for both of them after the party!
Picks: Majestic KL Spa or Hammam Spa (I'll recommend the Royal Couple Hammam).

3. Kitchen Appliances.
An Air Fryer would be a fantastic item for busy working adults or other everyday appliances like a coffee maker, besides the oven, kitchenaid, microwave choices.

4. Fine dining.
From booking a michelin star fine dining session to getting tickets to a nearby supper club- food is always a good idea for the newly weds to chin chin to!

5. Grocery/Departmental store vouchers.
This voucher thing doesn't look like you've put in "much" afford in looking for a gift but if you know where they like to shop- this would be very practical and they will thank you for paying their bills!

I hope you'll find the list useful and that outfit above is what i'll virtually wear to a bridal shower.
I'm currently SO obsessed with eyelet lace up tops!

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