Brunch at Line Friends Cafe, Itaewon.

Line Friends just opened up another megastore in Itaewon, this time you can have fluffy brown & cony pancakes for brunch and draft beers!

This store in Itaewon is bigger and better in terms of photo zone, much more brown figurines and oh yes Sally fans now can pose with her massive quacky-ness up at the second floor!
The brunch was the reason we went there on a snowy day! 
Tastes pretty good since the cuteness is more than enough to make you happy from inside! Haha!

Doors open at 11:30am and we were quite surprise to see a lot of working men sitting at the cafe having brunch alone or with their acquaintance talking over coffee. A flood of tourist swarm in past noon and like always, to get a good spot even on a weekdays- go early! ;)

Directions: Come out at Exit 3, Itaewon Station and just walk straight ahead- you'll see is the store on your right. 


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