Boots for every season!

Some might say that boots are the "little black dress" of shoes and a must-have in every fashionista's closet. Donning a pair of boots can give your outfit that effortless air weather you are dressing up or down/day or night.

But if you are living in an all year round tropical heat like Malaysia, picking up the right boots is essential- I would suggest buying a length no higher than your calves for utmost wearability in this humidity.

Sad but true that people will pass judgement if you wear a knee length boots walking around KL city under the scorching to avoid having to use the hashtag #akuyangpakaikauyangpanas to defend your style, pick wisely.

Ankle boots in particular is a style you can wear all year round to maximize your investment $$ (the ankle peep toe number is my favourite- you can still shows off your pedicure and breathability for your toes a plus).

I have below three women boots look  to show how a pair of boots can add that extra chicness to any kind of outfits! Be it those lazy Saturday shorts to brunch, a sexy date night out with your bae or a sparkling casual holiday get up- the force is strong with these booties that are both classic and versatile!
Now, buy a boots you must!

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