DIY: Abalone Shells Fairy Lights + Ornaments.

I knew I wanted some sort of an abalone Christmas tree this year for the office- maybe those simple ones in which i'll glue them all up to form a tree... but John took it to the next level and made them into hologram worthy fairy lights!

Simple steps but drying time is needed. Patience is a must!

Things you will need:
-Abalone shells (or any other shells)
-Fairy lights
-Glue gun
-*Paint Gloss+brush (optional)

Step 1:
Clean the shells (boil it or wash with running water).

Step 2:
Drill holes, not to big but just enough to squeeze in the fairy lights.

*Step 3: (optional step)
To have a more polished finish- gloss it up like so (click on the link): cover every corner inside and out- with drying time in between.

Step 4:
Using a glue gun, glue the fairy lights to the shells, let it sit awhile before you light it up!

If handling a drill is too much of a hassle, here's an ultra easy ornament DIY!
You'll just need Ribbons + Scissors because the abalone shell already has holes in them!
Happy holidays!!

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