Be right back!

Sorry for the hiatus.
It has been one of the coldest weeks- the pipe froze and we didn't have running water in the office for about a week...and it all melted into a pretty hectic but fulfilling January!
CNY is just around the corner and we will be opening our shop for a few more festive days before we ship ourselves back to the island to serve my daughter in law's duty (of showing up!).

Man, I miss home the most during CNY because that's the only time everyone is not at work and eating hours are 24hours!
The vibe here in Korea is not even half as happening, the only buzz are the grocery and departmental stores selling gift boxes ranging from fruits, tuna cans, beef to shampoos! Practically anything that can be packed into a box.

Not complaining but nothing is quite like home yea?
~sigh, like chee cheong fun for breakfast.

Promise to be back full force on the blog!
Till then, i'll leave you with a song from this talented duo.
Love her voice and John sure is liking malay songs now too. haha!

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