Mangwon-dong: 빙하의별 (Le Glacier Des Etoiles)

This was on my to dine in list came Valentine's day and without proper research- we walked and walked to only find that they do not open on Sundays (ended up having Chinese food by the roadside).

I must say that I was attracted to this place because of it's... well, all the superficial reasons of it having that retro vibe and it being photogenic.

After reading up on some blogs and one particular misleading blogger (which wrote that diners were only given an hour slot- totally FALSE after we question the owners)- we waited out in the cold for a seat for 90mins..
Yes, we waited...even though we reached by noon (they opened at 11:30am mind you) we finally braved all that weekday tai-tai crowd to be seated in one of their 4 table slots.

We further learnt that the owners ran an ice cream store back in Busan before relocating to Seoul, 2 months ago! And he studied in Malaysia for a couple of years (might explained where that Le Cordon Bleu Diploma resting above the shelve came from) and how one of his dish was inspired by the chicken rice he had back in KL.

We both had their lunch sets and the price is on the affordable side for the taste and portion! 
The ice cream they served back in Busan was made using Busan's local milk and now they are using Seoul Milk that exude more of a thick creamy texture. YUM!

Apparently, their business hours and menu for both lunch and dinner will see a shift from March onwards and I can only hope that we don't need to wait that long for a seat, in the future.

Mangwon-dong is an upcoming area for young entrepreneurs to open up their businesses and we are seeing a growing number of quirky stores and eateries that have opened/opening up and the vibe it gives sure is a very promising one!

**UPDATED ** Oct 24, 2017
So, I finally got around to visiting this place again (a year later).
This time I went with my girlfriend and the main menu is now different, the orange chicken is such a pretty plate to enjoy!

Address: 마포구 망원동 416-22 

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