Cooking class with Prep Box.

This marks my first cooking class in Seoul and it was held in a posh neighbourhood brunch restaurant called "My Ssong".
It was my first time there and I heard that they are a pretty well known American style brunch spot with brunch buffets on every Wednesday! and OH! I also heard from one of the attendees that MySsong has great cakes!

Although it wasn't a brunch class of pancakes and waffles (wished it was) class I signed up for, it was an eye opening afternoon to see fellow foodies react over food.
This particular class was to introduce their latest food delivery website, Prepbox.

The cooking demonstration was straight forward and simple to follow along with some insider tips and technique on two of their sought after dishes from their Prep menu- anchovy pasta and lentils salad.

All the dishes you see on the site can be ordered online and it will be delivered to you on the day you opt for. Prices are reasonably fair for the portion given and it's quite a breeze because everything comes measured and all you have to do is to follow their step by step picture directions and voila! 

I just received my Prepbox delivery over the weekend and I'll be posting up on the blog soon enough!
Meanwhile I am eyeing on their Pork Tenderlion Steak and Sloopy Joe.
So, if you are staying in Korea and want your meals taken care of (halfway) this is quite a fun cooking option for you to consider!

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