Peeking Duck.

I've always loved the idea of going on duck rides by the river but never once did we manage to find the right time and season for this particular date day activity.
We parked the thought right at the back of our minds till one day John managed to find where the ducks were parked at!
So, off we went! Looking at ducks by the river on a windy zero degrees afternoon- not a superbly grand timing but at least I got to see some ducks.

This week has been particularly eventful, with new possible collaborations both for the blog and the abalone store and... a sweet competition win that I found out today!

I'll be posting on a new neighbourhood that i've come to adore- Mangwon-dong.
Situated near to our office- lots of quirky cafes and stores have been opening up and it sure is a good feeling to feel that creative vibe blooming in our area.

Have a great weekend!

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