Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick Swatches!

What's better than drinking wine? Well, having more wine and wearing them on!
K-beauty spotlight for today are these miniature wine bottle shaped lipsticks from Labiotte (the sister company of the infamous Tony Moly). 
These lipsticks are not just packaged in a wine bottle form but it contains Château Margaux wine extracts which is said to keep the condition of the lips healthy.

So, this wine lipsticks/tint have been trending for sometime now over the internet and I was skeptical at first about the color payoff but once I tested it out- it goes beyond the cutesy packaging.
I mean, a glass of wine a day for good health? Wine extract for healthy lips? Can it get any better?

If you are not a fan of lipsticks, they do have the lip tint version that stains the lips to give you that kiss proof, non-transferable result but because it is hard to get off, some people might think it's mafan to remove after a long day or when you've made a mistaken while applying it.

Although the lipsticks are transferable when you drink a cup of coffee- the color actually stays on the lips without being patchy, even after a full meal! 
The formula in these lipsticks are moisturizing in such that it prevented the lips from drying or chapping... Buttttt of course you have to prep your lips beforehand like scrubbing off your died skin before applying any lip products for a flawless lip mmkay?

For the swatches below, I didn't apply any lip serum/ lip balm beforehand and it was amazing to see how smooth and silky it looked and felt!
The lipstick also comes with a smudge tip applicator that helps achieve the ombre effect.

Château Labiotte Wine Lipsticks are priced at 16,000won each and you can easily find it online or offline in Myeongdong for instance.

First off, swatches from the Melting collection.

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) in BE01

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) in PK01

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) in PK02

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) in PK03

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) in PK04

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) in CR01

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) in CR02

Next on are swatches from their Fitting category which I personally feel has a creamier texture when it touches the lips. There isn't a big difference between the two (Melting and Fitting) so it really comes down to the shade of pink/red you are looking to get.

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Fitting) in RD01

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Fitting) in RD03

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Fitting) in RD04

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