Japanese Treats

Saturday mornings are the most relaxing ones and I look forward to it because it's the only time our store opens in the afternoon. I miss being at home but i'm also afraid of it because I'm a person that can ace the laze.
Porter is a Japanese brand that I've been following closely for a decade now and we didn't have it back in Malaysia (at that time) and I wasn't good at international online shopping, back then.
A Porter store opened in Seoul last year and it was the first time I got to touch it in real life and we were fortunate enough to visit the stores in Japan soon after and got products for cheaper (just a little).
The Porter Sarutahiko Coffee Drip Bags  bags comes in a pack of 5 and it's aromatic and a little smokey in taste. I'm not usually a drip coffee fan because it taste rather light but this one has a slight bitter after taste which I love in my black coffee.

My Japanese friend usually brings over some of her favorite Japanese snacks when she comes to visit and this box of petit treats from Henri Charpentier are truly delectable!
As some of you might already know, Japanese packaging are ridiculously pretty and most importantly taste wise that are an equal match!

Happy Valentine's Weekend everyone~~

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