Makeup on the go!

I'm not a morning person in general, I love my sleep but I can't seem to shut my eyes early enough at night... but I don't think it matters what time I go to bed as I can sleep till noon even if I do (went to bed earlier). That aside, I do envy friends that have the ability choose to wake up before sunrise and start the day so amazingly with a run around the park and quality devotional time- I should stop hoping I'll wake up one day and be that morning person naturally but to eat up my excuses and be discipline about it.

I do believe that discipline and willpower are strong forces that can take us from zero to hero fit. I know this all to well because 4 years ago, I signed up for bootcamp and since I've already paid, I made sure I woke up and literally ran for my life on the field- I gradually lost 7kg and managed to maintain it that year with the occasional swimming in between and although I ate the same food, I kept on loosing weight and I was beyond ecstatic that I can finally go to Bangkok and buy heaps of free sized clothes!

That was 4 years ago and I did gain back all the weight I lost due to KFC= Korean Fried Chicken and a (full) glass of wine every night. I'm not proud of it but now that I'm writing this post, I should seriously get back to being serious about a healthier lifestyle.
We only have one body and truly, health is wealth.

Ok back to my makeup on the go~ those items above are my staples. I usually end up putting on my makeup in the car while John drives us to work- traffic lights are the best for lipsticks and the road bumps are great for blushers. 

I've been using the 3CE Eyebrow Shaper since the day I came to Korea and because it's perfect, I find no need to try on another brand (yet). However, I wouldn't say that the Chubby Mascara is a keeper but everything else like the 3CE Duo Color Face Blush and Kabuki brush- MAJOR love! Laneige BB Pore Control in particular is great for dry skin type like myself and the coverage is adequate for daily makeup without the need of concealers but most importantly, it's easy to put on with no mess and it stays on. NAKED3 Eyeshadow Palette is worth the investment as the colors are utterly wearable from day to night and the colors are so pigmented, it stays on your eyes long after your foundation wears off! and last but not the least, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream that I'm obsessed over! I bought the Vault, hence I practically tried on all their colors- it's matte but not drying and the color payoff is beautifullll!

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