One day hanbok rental

I've always wanted to rent a hanbok and take pictures in the palace and so when my sister came, we all did just that! 
We paid around 30,000won per couple for 3 hours of (basic) hanbok rental. Basic in the sense that there were no fur/vest/sparkly embroidered hanboks but it's isn't shabby what we managed to pick out!
We took them to my favorite Changdeokgung Palace which has fairly less people as we wanted to take couple shots with minimal distractions to maximize our hanbok rental! 
In case you were wondering, we rented the hanboks from one of the stores near the palace- there was a banner outside and we just walked in and rented!

We managed to take hundreds of pictures with our trusted tripod and remote control and for a couple that doesn't like to take pictures, they now have scores of couple pictures to look back! I must say, taking group pictures are so much more enjoyable! 

When will my next double date be?!

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