day 1: KL-HK

i almost forgot how good in-flight entertainment was until i got onto one who has it-again.
after a year of travelling with budget airlines- i was so happy to see the screen in front of me, the button to recline my seat and the thought of food and drinks that will be served.

i don't remember the plane taking off because i totally crashed into the clouds and only woke up when the food came.
i am a pro plane food person and i think the chicken on the satay stick was superb.

nonetheless the flight was a swift one although the movie selection was mehhh..
tall buildings came to sight to welcome my arrival after many packets of fluffy puffy clouds and here we are!!

i love hong kong and everything in it never cease to give me a feeling of being home. its' up to a point where i couldn't pin point to what it is but it just is :)

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