HK Day 5: brunch + daydreamers.

i will start from the back (sort of) because i'm kindda excited to have stumbled across Daydream Nation designers which i didn't know i did till like couple of hours ago (!!) when i was trying to "google search" which is a habit i've come to embrace since i started working.

so let's start from the very start- of that morning in Hong Kong.
i stayed over my friend's place in Kornhill and man, the days we spent in guangzhou drained us completely and we couldn't wake up- early enough to get our 1st breakfast in HK.

We rushed down the hill and onto the train as soon as we can to make it before 11:30am (as i was told that breakfast ends that time).

Breakfast (set) indeed ended when we got in but thank God the POLO BUN was still available.
We sat down and ordered it right away before getting to the À la carte.


and for the days that i spent in Hong Kong- I only ordered yin yong everytime we dine.

This siew yok and char siew rice came after the polo bun and man were we greedy!
We ordered another whole plate of siew yok and char siew alone right after we had the first bite.

and of course, the plate was HUGE!

and all the food that came after that was overwhelming that the waitress said "you are paying HKD39- of course the portion are huge" (in a cute aunty style cantonese) when we ask her about the portion size. hahaha!!

half way stuffing and trying hard to not waste anything, i saw a bike outside!
got my camera out and start making my way out to pose with the bike.
kindda shy to be pose-y in the morning but what the heck, i was going home the next day!

I was on a mission to try to "work" while i was there but it was really hard with the many errands and places we needed to cover and bags and bags of clothes in hand and with the drizzling rain popping in the afternoon definitely made stopping people much harder.

I remember walking in the restaurant with 3people in front or was it behind me and I thought that i should gear up to shoot some streetstyle pictures of them but hesitated because i didn't want to stutter the cantonese sentence of "can i take a picture of your outfit". hahha.
but after much thought and right timing at the cashier counter- my friend went ahead of me and ask so nicely for me and they agreed :D

AND with all shot and done. i came home to found out that 2/3 are bro and sis and they are the mastermind behind Daydream Nation!

It's really awesome how much info you can get thru google just with an email address!
and more so to have stumbled across creative peeps who designed some of the items i've been bookmarking all these years!
like this iconic piece that i remember seeing all around the blogsphere and wanted and almost tried to DIY it because i couldn't afford it-

So, the only bummer was to not actually "know" them that time, because if i knew- i would have talked and asked them lots of things about the brand and yea, maybe actually make friends with them.
Oh well, maybe next time :)
Here's Kay, Jing, and their friend with a very nice draped tee :D

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