we had the best sleep ever, one without dreams and winks but pure slumber.
we had the longest walk to find a cab, because of it being close to lunch time- cabbies were hard to come by.

finally found one cabbie who didn't go for lunch yet and his car smelt fresh!
air freshener guangzhou style!
recycling up ten points!

the bread shop on the way to the wedding gowns.
look at the one on top, right. its overflowing.. mmmmmm

the first stop, the first gown and we thought it was it.
till we got into the mall and found IT!

the bride to be, un-decided.
we took a break and had McD!

bananana pie! and much discussions in one hour (because they will not hold any longer on the gown) later, she bought it.

no need for "hearts on sleeve" when you can have "happiness on neck".

polka holes road.

after paying, it started to drizzle again. then it poured when we were on our way to get the ballet tickets!

super chinese- FATT FATT FATT! you can't get any FATT-er than this!

W HOTEL! holllaa~

and look what we found in guangzhou- Korea!!
KTO was already closed when we got to that part of town, wasted.

the tickets being printed out after we re-confirmed our seatings.

OK Mart to stock on junks.

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