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it started to drizzle went we got out tickets, and we tried getting a cab and the rain started to pour further.
i saw starbucks in black! i never saw a black one before and like psychic power- the two of them that were miles away turn to me and i was so happy we were going to get coffee!

its always good to get into any cafe on a rainy day.

so happy inside, we made noise and took pictures until we got a place to seat.

starbucks was promoting black sesame range- from green tea sesame to coffee with black sesame.
and the book above was a book to write your experience drinking from the sesame range,but like all humans do. they wrote about their friends, what they we doing, all the she-bangs except coffee -_- so we did the same but with a coffee cup added! ㅋㅋㅋ

the way home was jammm.
trying to get back to change before heading out again to the opera house.

crazy place! soooo beautiful
the whole area where the opera house is situated is just an entire league altogether.

snow white's mummy. opening act> giving birth.

it's definitely one place i would like to own or maybe just have that same twinkle lights in my house.

every corner inside the opera house= poser friendly zone.
having your wedding pics taken in here would be great!

oh, outside... :)

the facade of a building at the area. superawrrr...
we never felt that relax and excited to walk so aimlessly on the road.
that little hood is like, paradise.
every signboard looks so foreign (in a good way) and the streets and lights were like cutouts from a travel magazine. most of all the air smelt different, some strangely way.
... till it started to rain again and cabs were no where! again!
we hesitated to take the metro but did eventually, and its not shabby at all!

we got to the food district but it poured like mad dogs and cats and all the shops were closed. -_-'
we were really drenched this time.
we got back to the hotel- took a shower and start snacking and asked ourselves why we didn't stock up on more junks like instant noodles when we were at OK mart earlier on.

this is the best LAYS i've EVER laid my hands on! its like cooling wind in your mouth.

ordered room service but there's nothing to brag about.
its the same feeling some people are with plane food.

and that sums up day 2 in guangzhou.
the best ever decision was to go to the opera house.
so good we want to go back again and get the middle seats and stay in W hotel.*wishful thinking*

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