woke up and prayed for a sunny day.
the mission today was to get the wedding stuffs- red packets to teapots to wedding favors.

i love neon lights!

scooby doo chilling on the couch!

super old school poster. love it!

giant flower!! now this is so much better that fresh ones-at least it doesn't die the next day.

i never really took time to appreciate teapots until this trip.
so many patterns, so many shapes!

i saw this lonely little chap when i was crossing the road for lunch.

in guangzhou, it's a must to visit this place for "miu choy kau yok" rice.

and this milk thing. hot.

purchasing a wig was at the back of my mind but i didn't specifically look for it but somehow stumbled across it, so divine. haha.

it was crazy trying to catch a cab with everything down there.
one foreigner even grin at us when he "stole" our cab.
oh well, i don't expect a gentlemen out of him anyway.

and before we head out again for dinner- i needed to set aside $ to make sure i had money for the train ride back to HK.
Here's one ticket-

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