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so we got home, changed and headed to the happening side of town for much deserving shopping time and dinner!

here's a cute couple dressing up!

so this is how an angel and devil cake looks. hahah!

on the way to the Vietnamese restaurant, we came across a brand named-

yes -_-

dinner and drinks were great! except for one dish (coconut mussel something) that was soooo bad we didnt believe we actually ordered it.

ate and chat for hours and only paid the bill because we wanted to get to the dessert store before it closes.
got to "honeymoon dessert" and although we were crazy stuffed, we needed to have it since it was our last night there.
the place was quiet and cold till we got in and made sleepy noises. haha

mango sago.

durian and black glutinous rice.

warning: may sound -_- and -_-"

it's probably the volume of our conversation or the waiter was eaves-dropping that when i was talking about water, he came over and handed me a cup of water (yes, we were very much surprised and LOL so badly)

had a super high time in there, super silly and played with food.
we were almost dozing off because of all the food in our stomachs and finally dragged our feet out the door when it got too cold inside.

and parked outside was a pink bicycle :) 귀엽다!

nice building

while in the cab, two of my friends were contemplating if we all should go for a foot massage.
albeit tired and super stuffed to the head, we decided on it before the cab turned into the lane.
glad we stopped by! it was great! massage past midnight and got out at around 2am.

managed to get a cab outside and the driver was the funniest ever!
the sweetest sleep followed.

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