loaning your world.

i can honestly say that through the worldwideweb, i've stumbled across great people that blogs about their daily routines to the people they meet and work with to the struggles of how real life is and though it may seem like the smallest of things- it did altered my dreams and the perception of things.

It's crazy when i realized how i feed on their energy, creativity and passion for things in life and work which ultimately becomes "sprinkles" that deposit itself into my dream account and the funny thing is that i don't even know them but have grown great respect for, over the years.

So much so that a picture taken of a white wall could remind me of things that i've dreamt but have forgotten along the way. Or a work desk full of random things could be so inspiring and challenging for me.

To the handful from my favorite list- I'm truly a fan.
sometimes, you might not know who or when or how someone could relate to your entries but when they do, your words play a role and brings an impact you never thought it would and that becomes one of the bricks that helps build the wall in their dream castle.

And while i am getting to my future- i am loaning parts of your memories to create a believable someday for me.

Thank you for sharing your days in words and pictures because it certainly inspired a wall in my castle.

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