review: FreshLook Illuminate

About a month or so ago, Ciba Vision had some free sample giveaway to those that are interested to give the new FreshLook Illuminate a try.
I sign up for it and I got it a few weeks after that (3 pairs).
Well, the first time i had it on- i was stunned, i look like a CAT!
My eyes were HUGE and very BLACK! It's really nice far away BUT when you get up close, it can be quite freaky. Not good on your first date or when you are planing to gaze in your lovers eyes.

It's really dolly and if you like cutesy- this is definitely for you.
I must say that it does brighten up your eyes but if you are planning to wear it alone without any eye makeup, you might end up looking like a deer caught in the headlights.
But other than that, it is everything it says it is "instantly bolder and more distinctive" and no doubt more comfortable compared to colored lenses.

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