Liese Bubble Hair Color!

Last week, i got my hands on the hair dye everyone was talking about- Liese Bubble Hair Color!
I must say that after years of DIY dye-ing, home dye-ing was FUN again! :D
Since it was my first time with foam dye, i spent the longest time reading the dye instructions.

It's like shampooing your hair.
It doesn't have those choking chemical smell which most if not all hair dye product possess and the cool part is that the chemical reaction doesn't "burn" the scalp while applying it.

Since its foam- the feeling is light and nice on my head while waiting for the color to set in.

What is different though is that it doesn't come with after dye hair conditioner but a packet of hair lotion to leave on after the whole dye,wash,shampoo process instead.

Oh, the color i tried was Milk Tea Brown.
I can't say if the color is really bright since the base i dyed on was already brown but it did lighten up my hair.
It's subtle, not crazy attention tho.

Nonetheless, its fun to try and if you have dark hair- always go for the lightest color.




mum said i looked like a biri biri.
So, is it out?
Well, the last i heard from Kao Malaysia was that it hasn't reach the stores in Malaysia
but will be VERY soon.
*Do check out Kao for updates.

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