Garnier Body LightExtra.

There's an endless selection when it comes to choosing body lotions.
What brand and what ingredients should you be looking out for?
Ever notice how your right arm is darker than your left?
How dry and dull your skin feels at the end of the day? or at the start of the day?
Most of the time, you need to choose between hydration or whitening lotions.
But what if you have both problems?!
What should you go for- hydration or whitening?

Here's introducing...

Garnier Body LightExtra- hydration and whitening in a bottle!
This body moisturiser has an innovative formula which consist of a powerful pure lemon extract and an effective moisture-repairing nutrient which helps lighten, hydrate, and prevent moisture loss= making it your perfect solution to fairer and more hydrated skin!

So, do your skin a favour,
take care of it and say goodbye to dry, dull and dehydrated skin and hello to a new skin that illuminates and radiates starting from today! :)

p/s: The texture is milky, not sticky and it smells like a fresh flower field on a sunny day.

Garnier Body LightExtra is available in three different sizes – 120ml, 250ml and 400ml – priced at RM9.90, RM16.90 and RM22.90 respectively. You can find it at major retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

Skin that looks radiant all over and feels smooth to touch?

Garnier Body LightExtra makes this possible!

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