RENT (1996) original broadway cast

I got to hear the whole RENT album not long after it was launch and it was and still is the best broadway musical ever recorded.
I could memorize almost all the song, word for word!
Its like reading book- the imagination gets so natural and intense, that it becomes so vivid.

The movie came out much later over the years and sadly,
something was missing in it, its as if there were not much to grasp and take to heart.
Again, its like reading a book and have a movie on it release years after that- something just gets lost along the acts.

Nonetheless, playing back the music and reminiscing again how RENT ran about in my mind is,

If you ever plan to pick it up,
Pick up the album first, only then if you are curious,
the film.

I still love the idea of watching it live on stage though. (please run it again)
I think it would turn out to be something, close to mine (mind).

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