movie of the day: The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

i've been thinking about this movie, which i got to watch just one time, when i was... somewhere before the age of 7 (i reckon).

anyone rmbrs a movie which a bad guy gave this lil kid some drug and his hair kept growing and growing- he made painting brush out of it?

i tweeted that and forgot after posting it- i had google.
i finally google-d by typing my whole tweet and found the name of the movie! oh joy!
so happy to find it in youtube as well.
anyone here remember's this 1985 "classic"? hahha.

i saw the trailer and it feels so lighthearted and warm which was
totally the opposite when i watched it as a kid!
it was totally creepy!

watch if you are curious.

2 other shows i can vividly recall from childhood and loved! :
1) The Never Ending Story (1984) - FLUFFY GIANT FLYING DOGGIE!
2) Fantaghiro/the cave of the golden rose. - ohhhh the prince!! snow white prince came to life!

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