notepad: along the way.

if you knew me from 6 or more years ago.
and never see me after that
but only got to, till this year.
you might see a change.

i saw it.
i saw what i lost,
along the years...
i don't know what happened
but i became conscious about this in particular...

i never pursue it per se but i
remember to be all out about it.
i had that passion on my sleeve.
i was a wannabe "Black" and i was (or so i think) kindda "hip hop" in an asian sense.
in words, in actions. its pretty lame how its all sounding now.
but it was something in me.

it was a fun trait, one of my strong traits.

but along the years, now
when i see a dance clip or
a dance movie, i would reminisce that time
(so) long ago when i had the confidence in me.

that spark in me that i so longed and have missed.
i am trying to find that black back in me again
or i'll dieeeeeeee

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