me today: korean cooking class.

i have always wanted to do this, so i did! (finally)
with a dear k-pop fan+friend together in hand, we conquered Korea Plaza! :D

i really didn't know what to expect, or how the class was going to be conducted.
hmm, it was general a good experience to have
but i'll just wait for my future in law to teach me more.ㅋ

so that day, we were taught how to make Bulgogi/불고기, Tteokguk/떡국 and Mandu/만두.
i wouldn't say that is terribly difficult but i shall shut up and try making them before i say anymore.ㅋ

i must say though, the one thing i took back from the class was the zeal to wanna attempt or mastering a least the basic dishes. so help me God!

i'll definitely start with kimchi pancake this Friday.
and maybe the mandu if i manage to find extra money for meat! ㅋㅋ.


we are domesti-k-ating






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