5 things: weekend watch

if you are planning on staying in this weekend, here are 5 picks that would make your heart flutter~~


This korean drama (The Master's Sun / 주군의 태양) is by far the best drama this year! (trust me) The drama just recently ended it's run and the link below will lead you to an english sub streaming website! Enjoy 17 episodes that will make you giggle like a girl in love! (Sojisub- finally in a drama where he doesn't need to play dead and poor) 하하
Watch it here.



From Up on Poppy Hill (in Eng) and in HD! 
Studio Ghibli fans you should know this by now :)



I don't particularly like the story line but the cakes do make up for it! 
*I watched half way and had to get me some cakes! 



I been re-watching Disney classics and here's one with lots of fantasy! 
Found one HD clip over here on youtube- enjoy!



But if you are not in the mood to watch or rushing a deadline-here's some great 40mins jazz to keep your weekends warm and fluffy cozy.

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