early nights

Last Sunday, we visited Onnuri's English Service at Seobinggo- It's been a long time since I could sing so freely (in english) and well...not hymns! (in korean) haha.
...and I do miss my home church even more because of that.  ㅜ.ㅜ

After church, we went to Ichon/이천 (not to be confuse with Incheon) and I was told that it's a Japanese area and well, even the bus announces the next stops in Japanese! ほんと!
Dinner that night was recommended by a Japanese- and indeed it was satisfying! (my fish katsu was おいしい!!) 

It's a quaint basement restaurant- kindda small in size, so be prepared to wait but it's a nyammy place and you can definitely order in Japanese (if you are more comfortable with it or by pointing at the only book menu with pictures!) haha 

Directions: (If you are going after church) take a bus from the mart side to 신용산초 등학교 and the restaurant is just a few shops away from the bus stop.

おなかが空きました and I don't like how fast it's turning dark these days...
feels a whole lot more lonelier without the light.

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