Mode Sathorn Hotel, Bangkok.

This is probably the most fanciest hotel I've stayed in, in Bangkok and I'm so glad I did!! 
The previous trips here are always orientated around shopping and thus skimping on the hotel budget... 
so THIS is what it is- to relax! 
Mode Sathorn Hotel is just a couple month's old that some taxi drivers might (still) not be aware of it's existence, 
so if you are planning on taking the train- it's just right smack beside Surasak BTS (very convenient). 
I have nothing but compliments for this place... from it's laid back check-in counters to prepping umbrella for us and good night chocolates.

I'm not sure if i'll ever get a quiet pool the next time i'm here, nonetheless...I sure hope you will!
Oh, and for the record- I didn't pluck the flower.. I found it floating at the kid's section...^^

Ahh... I'm having withdrawals...*cries wails ㅠㅠ

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