A(lfalfa) Sprouts Salad Pasta +



Last week, I found myself scoring some amazing discounts at the vege section- my fridge was stocked  to the brim and I couldn't be any happier (with the price) and the sudden crave I had for healthier food.

Besides some chicken breast and pak choys-  I got a jumbo pack of Alfalfa and randomly made a concoction with sesame dressing, tabasco sauce, tuna and twirly pasta for my post workout (trip to the grocers). t'was delicious!  :P

And the next meal consist of seasoned oyster sauce chicken breast with aubergine, pak choy and garlic all happily twirling in with the pasta!

I wouldn't say I saved a lot of money eating in (since grocery shopping is still expensive after the seasonal discounts) but it's always a comfort knowing that I don't need to think of where to eat and what to wear on days like these. haha.

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