Air Fryer in the Kitchen.

Ever since getting an Air Fryer, John and I have been eating a lot of chicken!
Not that we don't (already) prior to Air Fryer but this foolproof machine is amazing!
I've since joined in an Air Fryer group on Facebook and have been bookmarking sites to remember the temperature used for different dishes.
The aunty inside of me is screaming out but I usually shut it up with another Air Fried Siu Yoke while reassuring my inner self that I'm a domestic goddess in the making not an aunty. *cough.

It has been 5 weeks since owning the machine and I've made bread from scratch, instant mix cake, siu yoke, char siew, muffin pancakes and lots of chicken wings!

I hope to record some of my kitchen experiments here and first off, chicken wings!
It's a basic recipe that you can add or subtract to suit your taste buds.

Hey Basic Chicken Marinate.
- Oyster Sauce (Panda Brand)
- Sesame Oil
- Ground Pepper
- Soy Sauce

1) Put in the chicken wings / mini drumsticks in a bowl with the items above and coat it well.
2) Transfer into a seal bag and store in the fridge for at least 30mins before Air Frying (AF) it. You may marinate lots of them wings and drummets ahead and store it in the refrigerator before popping into the AF whenever you are craving from some wings!

**AF Temperature: 170 for 20mins (optional: turning the wings at 10mins)
No pre-heat needed.

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