Bills, Seoul.

I could say that I've eaten my way to pancakes street to know a place or two that's worth the Won...and here's annoucing that Bills just TOPPED my pancake list in Seoul!!
RICOTTA CHEESE whatttt?!!!
A few days ago, I followed my Japanese friend Mayumi to check out pancake places as she was in the midst of doing a pancake rating article.

Goodness was oozing out from the sides of em' ふわふわ ("hwa-hwa" Japanese term for "fluffy") pancakes when it arrived at our table and even after taking a score of pictures- that slightly cold pancake was still amazing delectable! Focus on the left side of the pancake when viewing the video below!

I reckon my next visit would taste sublime as I've now done my feed-the-feed-first duty to properly enjoy some hot pancakes the next time around but with that said I seriously do hope that they will open up another branch as there have been news surrounding the safety of the mall with cracks appearing inside the Jamsil Lotte World Mall which just opened a couple of months ago... :/
Pretty scary to know since the disaster of Sampoong Department Store happened to collapsed in just 20seconds back in 1995, here in Seoul.

Bills is originated from Sydney and my brunch life will be complete when Top Paddock decides to open an outlet here.

In the meantime, I reckon we should experiment with these hotcakes (similar steps in video) and honeycomb butter recipes by the man himself!! Mastering it would save both you and I $$, travelling and craving time.

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