Baby Oil is Bad?

This morning as I was strolling through my facebook feed, I came across an article about baby oil and continued reading the comments I read I began to noticed that most of the comments are against using baby oils because most if not all contains mineral oil.
I grew up with baby oil applied on me and have seen it around the house while growing up and on baby kits which has instilled in me since young the thought that baby oils are good enough for me, because its good on a baby- till this very morning.

There are a lot of articles about mineral oil and this is not a new issue at all, but to know that it clots the skin and causes aging are frightening thoughts.
I have my stash of unopened baby oil bottle sitting on the counter as I type this... and have been using baby oil religiously for the past months.
Ignorance is bliss because the thought of disposing it out is painful but knowledge makes a wiser shopper and now that I know (and you know)... it's best to avoid applying directly on your skin, especially on your baby. (Yes, don't even remove your makeup with it anymore.)

You can never be too careful at the end of the day with the many foreign ingredients/scientific names that we don't remember learning in school written on the back of a skincare to food product labels.
So stop thinking that expensive items are better choices or low-fat/ fat-free are wiser alternatives but read up and understand it for yourself, if you care enough.

It can be annoying to dig up facts and eliminating habitual choices but when you have a choice use it.
When you don't, exercise moderation.

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