Baking with Air Fryer.

Banana Muffin/Bread.
Recipe adapted from Cat Can Cook. (Texture is amazingly very moist even till the next day!!)
*I used bread flour for this recipe.
Temperature: Pre heat (180) for 2mins and bake (180) for 15mins and (200) for 5mins.


Roll Bread.
Recipe adapted from Maangchi.
I followed the instruction to the dot and this takes 3hours from start to finish.
The bread came out soft, good to have it on the stop but the bun became real hard the next day! :( Maybe I should try this again with a proper oven.
Temperature: Pre heat (160) for 5mins and bake (160) for 20mins.


Oatmeal Cookies.
I cheated and used Beksul's Oatmeal Cookie Mix for my first ever air fryer cookie.
The taste of this pre-mix is not too sweet and leads towards a more raisin cookie taste instead of oats and I do recommend it!
Temperature: Pre heat (180) for 3mins and bake (180) for 8-10mins.
*For chewy cookies place it for 8mins*

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