3geori Butchers / 삼거리푸줏간

YG's new venture is a bbq joint called Samgeori Buthcher situated in Hongdae's main road. This is the only outlet at the moment and it's packed during dinner times with both locals and foreigner fans of YG entertainment artists!

I didn't know what to expect coming in here but my reservations were thrown out the window when the food arrived! Their dipping sauce is quite peculiar from the norms of bbq joints with a little wasabi kick to it and you can order the fried rice early as well!

Usually other bbq joint only "allows" the fried rice after you had all your meat but over here, they cook them separately and bring it over to your table whenever you request! Good for Asians like us that usually eat meat with rice. OH!! the fried rice here has chopped meat in it!!
I was ecstatic as you don't get no meat in your fried rice at other bbq places (some don't even add in seaweed).

For the drinks, we had their soju cocktail with mint leaves and Jeju's soju "Hallasan". This soju is easy to drink because it's much smoother on the throat and the price here is reasonable as well! A smarter pick if you are opting for soju ;)

Lots of points for this place. Come earlier for dinner if you would like to avoid the dinner queue.

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