Fallin' here.

The trees are mostly bare, some are in its glorious golden shades of yellow and red. Autumn is somewhat like spring, I love the breeze, the blue autumn skies but the terrifying thought that winter is next sends shivers down my spine and freezes my toes. I have to constantly remind myself not to worry about tomorrow.

Our abalone store has been open for about a month ish and we just put up our 5th signage(!!). I must say, the idea of minimalist only means, no one is able to notice the store (stores here are with clad with a minimum of 3 signage excluding the posters up the walls). 

This 5th signage cost the most and the cutest, no more after this for sure! Click here if you are curious to see! ^^

:: H&M denim top/ WRANGLER denim jacket / ZARA flare denim / BYJAP scarf / KKXX heels ::

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