A Retro Pub (어른이대공원)

It was a Sunday afternoon after church. We crossed the road and avoided a sardine packed bus by deciding to walk somewhere, anywhere till we find a nearer subway station home later on. 
We walked and stop in the middle of the bridge to soak in some sun by the Han river and continued on.

  "Left? Right? Let's just walk straight on and see..."

It was a familiar street and around the corner came this retro space filled with stuff from when John was a kid. The chair reminded him of his classroom days and then a lad (the owner) welcomed us in. He just opened this bar after working for a vintage dealer in Itaewon and all these were collected over the years.

Their draft beers are served in a customised Seoul Milk glass bottles which he takes pride in (I would too but can't help but wonder about the possible copyrights? ) 
Never mind that- it was such a cute glass and I wanted to take it home!

The draft beers are quite reasonably priced at 2,900 won except for the limited finger food selection (while I was there) available. The owner shared in brief that he is planning to open a few more outlets, franchise some and keep one or two for his own.
He sure has it all planned out!

Opening hours: 3pm-3am
Sangsu-dong 341-1

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