Our Korean Wedding Part 1.

Our Korean Wedding happened a year ago! ...and finally here are some pictures from that beautiful sunny Autumn day before the typhoon happened the next day and our travel plans for my side of the family to Cheongsan island got cancelled.
I'm immensely thankful that the typhoon didn't happen earlier before the wedding as some friends we on board the ferry from Jeju to come over to Wando (our wedding venue) and it would have been terrible for them to miss the wedding!

If you've been to a wedding hall wedding in Korea, you would know why we didn't opt for it.
So, since John's parents are staying in Wando, it would only make sense for us to have our wedding there for their entire troops to come celebrate the day -Weddings after all are for the parents.

I have the bestest of friends anyone could ever wished for! Coming all the way to Korea for the wedding and hopping on to another 5hour bus journey to attend the wedding in a small town really gave John's friends a shock that I have such a huge support system (because most of John's friend didn't get to make it because they complained about the long journey). 

Anyhow, our Korean photog went MIA awhile and we didn't get our pictures till like 4+ months later. Seen above are the happenings earlier that day, a morning at an old school saloon with a rough aunty that was doing my hair, I was mad! She was so rough that my scalps got poked a few painful times.
Went back to the motel, changed into our wedding hanboks and went to a nearby park to shoot a few shots with my girls before the big ceremony...

Coming up in part 2! ^^

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