Turning 1, again!

October! One of my favouritest month not just because my birthday is around the corner nor Christmas is coming soon but more so celebrating our anniversary again! The perks of having two weddings and two anniversary although we initially decided on just making July our anniversary month...but what's the fun in having one when we can have two?! I insisted.

I've always wanted to shoot in an abandoned fun fair and one day while I was strolling down instagram lane I found one in Seoul!! The joy of discovering what my mind had imagined could only mean my longings were heard from up above! 
So well, John layan-ed my request and we drove an hour there and found out that our camera remote control ran out of batteries. No worries, we John just had to run up and down after 10seconds and I had to make us both happy doing it! haha

An hour later, a throng of self pre-wedding shoot couples came through and by then we ran out of energy and inspiration when the place got too crowded. 

So yeah! This was the outtake from that day out at the funfair!^^

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