A kimchi stew upgrade?

The food quest around Mangwon-dong continues, I've a couple of places on my list but the thing about these hot spots are- it usually means that we need to go to those places right when they open or hope that the waiting list isn't long during meal times or worst, the food aren't sold out completely before their official hours are up.
The rent in Mangwon area has been increasingly high and little diners are still mushrooming but seating are compact (polly pocket small).
Nonetheless, it shall be done...soon.

So, back to the stew pictured above.
If you had enough of the regular kimchi stew and you are not a fan of seafood stew but need some jazzy option to spice up your stew night- intestine ("gop-chang" in korean) stew might be a nice change! 

I wasn't a fan of gopchang before coming to Korea but once I tried the BBQ version, I was hooked on how weirdly satisfying it is! 
It gets better every time you eat it, the taste just grows on you me.

The stew version isn't as widely available and you would want to go to a place which is popular for it, cause why bother on secondary eateries for something so specific yes? 
This restaurant serves both the BBQ version as well as the stew, if it's your first time- go for the BBQ first then the stew!

This joint was recommended by a local friend that's staying in the neighborhood and like they say, trust the locals! 
*Purple rice isn't commonly served but this place does.

Location: This restaurant called "청어람 곱창전골"  is situated just behind Mangwon Post Office.

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