An impromptu road trip!

We technically only have a day of rest in a week and it has been a long while since we did a road trip- an impromptu decision was made the night before and before we knew it we were on the road for a day trip- drove a total of 7hours 1 min covering 443.68km back and forth.

It was John's first time going to these touristy spots in Danyang, about 3hours away from Seoul.
We followed a route and hit 5 tourist spots, it wasn't the sunniest of day with drizzling rain in between the chilly early Spring afternoon but it is amazing what mini timeout can do for the both of us.

If you are wondering, we went to these places (below), since it was still cold that particular day- there weren't much local tourist around, but the bearable bus load of uncle and aunties touring the same route:
1. 의림지
2. 도담삼봉
3. 석문 

There isn't much to see or do (or eat!!) but if you would like venture out into the unknown and breathe in some fresh air, this could be worth a drive!

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