Grocery Day- Continues.

If you've been visiting the blog since the beginning, you might remember Grocery Day.
With the growing interest of what's eating in Korea, I figure bringing back grocery day might be useful for fellow friends and you while grocery shopping in Korea or at a Korean mart near you.

So, the top 2 items that I've been purchasing as of late:

Osulloc Green Tea Milk Spread.
Lather it on crackers to croissants! (if you have fresh mantou/pau, OH MYYY YUMMMMMmmmmm! )
It isn't overly sweet nor bitter, they aced the texture and taste.
I've brought a few jars home and all of my green tea friends adores it as much as I do!

명이/Myung-i (Wild garlic leaves).
No bbq at home is complete without this leaves! I first had these wild garlic leaves at a BBQ joint in town and lately lot's of brands have been producing it and selling at the grocery stores, I didn't taste the other brands yet but I've bought this particular one time and time again and have no intent of switching it.
These are pickled and I suppose it can go well with any kind of meat but pork belly would be the best pair personally!

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