Sprang Away.

Cherry blossom season has ended in Seoul and half the branches from the trees outside our office has been chopped off by the local authorities yesterday morning. It was an abrupt move and no prior notice was given. It looks kept now but sadly the trees are not gonna be chubbly bursting cherry blossoms for the years to come.

I woke up with a slight sore throat and a block nose today and wondered what I did wrong- as I've been drinking up liters of water lately, so why?
It has been raining quite frequently this week as well and I loathe the afternoon rain as it hinder customers from coming in appearing on the streets.

It was John's birthday a couple of days ago and we didn't do anything fancy and went on with adult duties like going to work and work... but I did managed to construct an impromptu fruit cake with whatever that was left in the fridge that night. I sure need to up my game on events because it's always a nice feeling to be spoiled especially on birthdays. (*cough* I didn't even get him a gift. *facepalm*)

Also, look at our new baby lemon tree! No lemons yet so I painted the pot with a dozen of it! I sure hope it grows, man...can't believe we are so into plants and cactus lately!

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