Prepbox: Anchovy Oil Pasta

Following up on my previous post on Prepbox, I placed my order for the anchovy oil pasta and chose the "morning delivery" option (delivered by 7am).
Don't worry, they will not be knocking on your door to wake you from your slumber-they'll leave it by the door and when you wake up, you'll just need to get it and store it in the fridge or cook it right away!

Early morning delivery system used to be popular just for milk but as of late, numerous online sites have been using it to send over vegetable subscriptions to freshly baked bread!

Back to the topic, it's conveniently simple to cook with Prep- the ingredients are come all measured for you along with a step-by-step printout (or if you are completely clueless- you can watch their step by step video online to guide you through the cooking process!). All I had to do was to empty out the containers and voila! Meal prepped for two in less than 15 minutes*!

Every Prep order comes in a styrofoam box with an ice pack to keep all the ingredients cool.
Their menu has been rapidly growing- you'll be spoil for choices!
So, the next time you plan on cooking at home and aren't too sure on how to choose a good cut of meat or love the idea of cooking up a new chicken recipe- get Prep to prep the ingredients for you!

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