Banana Chiffon Cake.

Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe
(adapted from this recipe).

Ingredients Part A:
5 Eggs Yolks
20g Brown Sugar
40ml Corn Oil
2 bananas (mashed, weighed about 120g)
80g Cake Flour
1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder
*Optional: Vanilla essence (few drops)

Ingredients Part B (Meringue):
5 Egg Whites
80g Brown Sugar
10g Cornstarch/Corn flour

*Preheat oven at 160°c (fan forced) and bake for approximately 45 minutes. 
(Apparently each oven works and heat differently, so trial and error mmkay? 
Also, if it's browning too quickly and turn it down to 150°c.)

One of the main key point (I read) is to make sure that there are no traces of yolk in your egg whites to make sure the meringue peaks up well!

The making of Part A:
1. In a big bowl, mix and break the egg yolks with a hand whisk.
2. Add in the sugar and continue mixing till it looks creamy.
3. Add in oil and mashed bananas, mix it well. (Optional: Few drops of vanilla essence)
4. Sieve in flour and baking powder into the mixture and gently fold it together.
5. Leave it aside.

The making of Part B:
1. Beat the egg whites with an electric stand mixer till foamy.
2. Add in sugar and cornstarch in 3 batches.
3. Mix till stiff peak! Or just tilt the mixing bowl upside down and if the mixture it doesn't drop, you are good to go!

Marrying Part A+B:
1. Divide the Meringue into 3-4 portions and gently fold into the Part A mixture.
2. Once the two bowls become one, it's time to put the newly weds together into the Chiffon pan. 
3. Hit the pan gently 2-3 times to remove any air bubbles before putting into the oven.

That's it. Step aside and wait.

Once it's out from the oven, let it cool upside down!
Important so that the cake wouldn't sink even lower! Then remove from the chiffon pan when it's cool.


I've been a chiffon fan since young and the cheaper it was (in places like Carrefour and the morning markets) the better the tasted!
After moving to Seoul and being away from chiffon cakes (3 years ago, there weren't many places selling chiffon cakes and when they do, it was insanely sweet in a very annoying and milky way or it was USD7 for a small slice. Yes! $7!!).

The countless replays on youtube as I searched for chiffon cakes and reading comments on how some cake just sinks after removing from the oven or experiencing the cake cracking were entertaining and motivating- It deflowered my baking virginity.

John noticed how engrossed I was and bought me a mixer and an oven and so I started baking for the first time.
After a few attempts, I think i'm getting a hang of it.
Chiffon cake and Ogura cake, are the only cakes I bake since day 1 although I really ought to challenge myself further...but then again, I bake to satisfy my cravings and usually I only crave for chiffon.

I've made pandan chiffon, earl grey chiffon, kahlua matcha chiffon, milo and coffee chiffon and when there are bananas around, banana chiffon cake- all from this amazing recipe base and tweaking the 80ml pandan part into whatever you need.
Example: Earl grey Chiffon (2 bags of earl grey into dipped into 80ml of water and one extra packet of loose leaves to stir into your mixture) or Milo+Coffee (by mixing them in 80ml of water then adding to the mixture).

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