Christmas at home.

My heart sank when I woke up to news of the passing of a dear friend's mother on Christmas morning. We all grew up together and it was painful to digest but we know that she is now in heaven where there is no more pain and suffering but still it hurts knowing that she is no longer here and how all our days are numbered.

I had arranged for a cooking box to be sent over knowing that we would still be clueless on where we should go for Christmas and I decided this would eliminate unnecessary stress (from being hangry, waiting in line in a packed mall).

If you remember about the prepbox I wrote before- I stumbled across a similar site called Baemin Cook and they were having this rainbow burger for deliveries over the Christmas weekend. Food coloring aside, this is as festive as a burger could get and I was sold!

It was early Saturday morning when the cooking box arrived and I was truly impressed with their packaging- even the tomatoes were bubbled wrap! The recipe card didn't came in the box but a quick scroll through the website got us prepping in a jiffy!

I really could get used to this prep/cooking boxes! It's effortless and all the ingredients are measured and seasoned right down to a T- it made my virgin homemade burger attempt a breeze.

Baemin Cook has different menu scheduled for the different weeks and the price and portions is good for an average $10 per person meal.

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